Add or edit listings instructions

Listing Instructions:
By following these instructions, your school can easily add or edit listings. Some fields can be skipped if they do not apply to your item. PLEASE INCLUDE A PHOTO of each item, multiple photos are allowed. Please take landscape or horizontal photos.

Visit and click "Login" a the top of the page
Type in your username and password, previously obtained from CDG, and login.
Click on Listings on the left side.
To list a new item, click the "Create" button at the top or bottom of the page. (To edit a listing click Modify, to erase an item click erase)

  • Category - Click the dropdown and select the category that best fits your item. If you do not see your desired category, choose Miscellaneous and then visit the homepage to add a category.
  • Item Name - The name of your item(s). Be accurate and concise. (Wooden Student Desks, Football Training Equipment etc)
  • Keywords – Type words that you want your item to be found under should someone use our keyword search.
  • Item is Free- Check this box if you want to give this item away.
  • Price - Follow this format: 1234 No $ sign. No Commas. No Cents.
  • Price for each - Click if your price is for each item, if necessary.
  • Best Offers Considered. – Check if would consider taking less than the asking price.
  • Brand
  • Model/Unit Number
  • Condition - Choose either New or Used.
  • Quantity - One is the default number. Highlight and type the appropriate number.
  • Description - Include more details and add specifics to increase sales opportunity and limit questions.
  • Shipping/Pick-up/Payment Info - Type in specifics regarding the shipping/pick up of the item(s). (This item cannot be shipped, buyer pays for shipping, item available for pick-up Monday-Friday 8 am-4pm., call for directions to our holding facility, etc. Click Enter for a new line to type preferred payment method such as business check only, accepts credit cards, etc.
  • Images - Your images should be landscape or square, please do not upload portrait (vertical) photos . Click "Add or Upload Files." Tip: Hold <Ctrl> to select multiple images to upload at one time. If you have no image, a placeholder logo will be inserted, but please add an image as soon as possible.
  • Click Save.

You will see the Listings page again with a bar indicating "Record saved." You have successfully entered your product and the item should be "live."

If you need to edit or delete a listing, click on either "modify or erase." If you want to add to an item's description, change the price, etc., you will use modify. Once an item has been sold, use the erase command to delete the item from the database.